Rainbow Round-Up

We have been getting some wacky weather lately: storms rolling in and out in the blink of an eye giving us pouring rain and blinding sun all at once.  The best part about this weather? Rainbows!  We have had the most stunning rainbows lately; I think I am more excited about them than the kids have been, but I've never seen such full and vibrant rainbows.  I've been trying to play in Lightroom to help my photos actually capture the splendor, but nothing compares to what God can do in real life!

There are so many retailers hopping on the rainbow trend lately, and even though they can't compare to the real thing, I'm getting all of the summer vibes from the cute products coming out!  I already bought the rash guard for the girls, and L caught a glimpse of the dress over my shoulder and put in a request... then she told me that maybe she wanted to have a rainbow theme for her birthday!  Ha.  As usual, that escalated quickly ;)

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