A Favorite Female Artist: YangYang Pan

I heard an article on NPR last week about the value of work by female artists compared to male artists - on average, work by women sells for 40% less than work by male artists.  While this wasn't completely shocking to me (I've heard similar data and know just enough about the fine art world to know this is a real problem), it did bother me - but what can I do?  I can't change what is happening at the top of the art market, but I can be conscious of the choices I make in my own budget.  Not necessarily by only choosing female artists, but perhaps by working to support all independent artists.  More Etsy, less Target - you know?  Every time I have spent the money on art that I love, it feels so worthwhile.

The first "real" art purchase I made was on a few prints by an artist I found on Etsy named YangYang Pan.  I was thrilled to read on her Etsy page that she has now been featured by Anthropolgie, in several galleries and museum exhibitions, and was an Etsy Awards finalist.  So cool!

I found YangYang's work when I was decorating L's nursery.  That was the first room I really decorated from top to bottom, and I loved every inch of it.

Now that M has come along and both girls have transitioned to big-girl rooms, I have moved the prints around and split them between rooms, and they continue to work perfectly!  The colors feel so joyous to me, perfect for their bedrooms.

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