Spring Blues at J Crew Factory

Up until about a week ago, I was doing pretty good about not being tempted to buy ahead for the upcoming spring and summer.  It has been chilly (I use that loosely - it is California after all) and rainy here for most of the year so far - which has been great for spotting rainbows, but hasn't done much to incite my Spring Fever.  This week, though, we're getting a peek of sun and the most beautiful blue sky, washed clean from all of that rain.  I was looking at my J Crew Factory bag, and I realized that I must be subconsciously gravitating toward clothes that remind me of this gorgeous sky!  I am on the hunt for the perfect chambray shirt, and I like the light tone of this one.  I bought these sunglasses the other day in-store, but realized they had a huge crack in them when I got home! In retrospect, that's probably why they were on clearance LOL, but I like them enough that I might just splurge the $15 for a new pair.  I have this sweater in grey, and I am also eyeing it in green; I love that it's not wool because I get so itchy from anything wool, and I can wash it easily!

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