Jewelry Basics

I want so badly to love a pair of statement earrings, but I almost always find myself reaching for the same basic jewelry day after day.  I miss the days of 2012 or so and the height of statement necklaces and bracelet stacks, but honestly, this really is much easier.  I think I might be getting old, but I love the simplicity of beautiful studs and a delicate necklace.

1.  Interlock cross necklace - years and years ago, I tried selling Stella and Dot.  It didn’t work out (turns out I hate sales, shocking absolutely no one I know), but I do love their products and the quality is excellent.  I have had this necklace since L was a baby and I still wear it regularly.

2. Classy Girls Wear Pearls bracelet - This is about as fancy as I get, and I just can’t resist a bow ... or anything Kiel and Sarah create.

3.  Cubic Zirconia studs - Nordstrom makes the best CZ studs.  I use the same cleaner on these as I use on my engagement ring (which is not CZ lol!) and they sparkle beautifully!  I don’t see 6 carat diamond studs in my immediate future, but these let me live the look without freaking out if I lose one.  They are usually on sale during the Anniversary sale, which is when I picked mine up a few years ago.  I also saw they have a princess cut, which makes me think back to my college days and the fakes that I had that were MUCH lower quality.  I wore them with my Juicy tracksuit and Coach purse because I was just that cool.  This pair feels like an upgrade.

4.  Signature Engravable Disc Necklace - Another S&D favorite.  A monogram is never not the right choice, and the proportions on this one are perfect.

5.  Medium flat hoop earrings - I have to give a shout-out to my friend Leslie - she always finds the cutest basics, and I bought these after seeing them on her!  I love how these flatten out just a bit at the bottom to make the shape a bit more interesting.  The shape and size is super flattering to the face, too!

6.  Pearl earrings - I have had a Kate Spade pair of pearls with a tiny CZ stacked under/on top (depending on how you wear them) and they are my absolute favorite.  Unfortunately, I can’t find them anywhere, but these are very similar.  I love that they add just a bit to a classic pearl.

7.  Kate Spade Metro watch - I have the scalloped version (not available in brown anymore, but I found it here in black or here in blush) and I think it’s such a pretty touch.  It strikes the right balance of pretty and preppy for me.

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