Weekend Recap

This weekend, the kids and T talked me into getting out the Christmas decorations.  I feel like someone should put the breaks on this, but slowing the momentum has never been my gift.  So, I’ve got the Nutcracker score on, because literally nothing makes me feel more productive, and I’m dragging the boxes out of the garage.  Mostly I just want to find our Christmas books so I don’t accidentally buy duplicates this season - LOL.

In the meantime, though, my friend brought me a bag of key limes this week and said “Can you do anything with these?” So I basically felt honor-bound to make pie.  I mean, how do you turn that down, especially when the girls were all looking up at me with their puppy dog eyes begging to help squeeze the limes? Nobody told them that’s the worst part.  It feels a little gruesome to confess that the recipe I use comes from a book called Key Lime Pie Murder, but Hannah Swensen (via Joanne Fluke) has never let me down.  This is the second time I’ve made this recipe, and I can’t think of anything that has ever made me feel more accomplished at life.  A good meringue can do that to you.

Other highlights of the weekend include getting our flu shots at Target (ha!) and squeezing my god-niece who I haven’t seen since Halloween.  The baby was delightful; the best I can say for the flu shots is that at least now I have $10 in Target gift cards - it was $5 each, but I felt so terrible after we traumatized the girls (what kind of sick joke is it to think you’re going to go look at the fun aisles at Target and get a shot instead?!) that I let them use theirs to each pick a $3 cat ornament.  It feels conveniently like I timed our flu shots with the seasonal release at Target, to be honest.

In the midst of all of that excitement, T has been hard at work installing new floors in our upstairs bathrooms (if you give a mouse a cookie, suddenly he will decide it would be nice if both bathrooms coordinate and even volunteer to take down those darn shower doors you’ve been asking about for 4 years...).  The girls even got a new toilet!  Exciting things around the Gray house.

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