Grayceful Girls Book Club: Nutcracker Edition

How many Nutcracker books are too many? Asking for a friend. We attend the ballet every year, but our local ballet company is no longer holding a performance in our town, so my girls don’t currently have an opportunity to perform in it, which breaks my heart. My absolute favorite memories of the Christmas season involve sitting backstage with all of my dance family, cramming for finals between scenes. Hoping some things swing the other way with our local community and the girls get that opportunity someday! For now, though, we will just be over here stock-piling beautiful Nutcracker books and possibly trying to see a second performance!

1.  Nutcracker in Harlem - This was a new addition for us this year, and I adore it.  The Nutcracker is re-told at a jazz party in Harlem.  I love seeing treasured stories interpreted in new contexts!

2.  Bedtime Classics The Nutcracker - We don’t have this one, but it looks like a great board book option for toddlers, and the illustrations are darling.  I wish I had found this series when my girls were tiny, because all of these look adorable!

3.  George Balanchine’s The Nutracker - I have to confess that this one is my favorite.  It is long and full of photographs, so not ideal for youngest readers, but it is the most nostalgic for me and my own Nutcracker experiences.  The photographs of the dancers are magical, and I go straight back to waiting in the wings.

4.  Duke Ellington’s Nutcracker Suite - This is another one that we don’t have, but as I was scrolling and looking for links, I came across this one.  I am intrigued - add to wish list!  It would make a great companion to Nutcracker in Harlem.  I was encouraged to find this album which I have been listening to on repeat! It's familiar enough to give me those Nutcracker holiday vibes, but is definitely a fresh option!

5.  Mary Engelbreit’s The Nutcracker - I have such a soft spot for Mary Engelbreit’s illustrations.  The whimsical colors are perfect for the festivity of the season!

6.  The Nutcracker Comes to America - This looks like another fascinating opportunity to learn a history I was completely unaware of!

7.  The Nutcracker - Beautiful illustrations, and this feels very classic to me (probably because it was done by the New York City Ballet).  If I were picking just one to gift a family that might not have quite as extensive of a collection, this is the one I would choose.

8.  Babylit The Nutcracker - Another great board book option, and who doesn’t love the charming illustrations of Babylit?  If I were gifting to a baby or young toddler, this would be my pick!

9.  Tallulah’s Nutcracker - Oh, I just love Tallulah.  This one doesn’t tell the story of the Nutracker, but focuses on a little girl performing in her first Nutracker.  Cue all the nostalgia.  I also have Tallulah’s Tap Shoes, Tallulah’s Toe Shoes, Tallulah’s Tutu, and Tallulah’s Solo in my cart ;)

10.  The Bearenstain Bears and the Nutracker - honorable mention here! We just can’t get enough of the Berenstain Bears, although I prefer the classics (sorry, Honey Bear!).

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