A San Francisco Wedding

As I was going through my photos from the past year in an attempt to work on our annual photo book (trying Artifact Uprising for the first time this year; I'm having trouble making the price jump from Shutterfly but my goodness are they so much more beautiful...) - look! A squirrel!

Half the fun, and most of the trouble, with sitting down to do this is that I find myself distracted by every.single.photo.  Someone tell me that's not just me.  I had lofty goals to work on these monthly, and I admittedly dumped from my phone into monthly folders much more consistently in the past, but that's as far as I got.

Anyway.  I found these photos from last January when we went to our dear friend's wedding in San Francisco.  It was truly a joy to watch him find someone who loves him so dearly, especially since we have walked with him through some really dark times in love.  I didn't take many photos at the wedding, as I was captivated by meeting his family and community and catching up with old friends.  I did, however, make T walk through the rain to capture some of the beauty of the neighborhood and the church itself before the event began.  I thought it would be fun to share these as we approach their anniversary!

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