Grayceful Girls Book Club Favorite: 1000 Things Under the Sea

I picked up 1000 Things Under the Sea when we were visiting the Mystic Aquarium on our Connecticut trip last summer, thinking the girls would love being able to look up the names of many of the creatures they had seen on that trip or others, but I don’t think I truly appreciated the mileage we would get out of this.  M in particular spends hours pouring over it: she has it at every meal and in the car constantly.  She has probably memorized a solid 300-400 of the 1000 animals in here!  I keep thinking they would burn out, especially once we moved on from our “Under the Sea” week, but almost 7 months later it is still going strong! I don’t even bother putting it back on the bookcase at the end of the day.

We have lots of other ocean picture reference books that are also perennial favorites (including The Big Book of the Blue, which is a gorgeous book), but none that have captured us like this, despite the fact that there are no details about the creatures.  I think they like to be able to spot and recognize and make the connections to things they’ve seen on Wild Kratts or in Ranger Rick.  Usborne does make a few others in this series, and I wonder if they would capture our attention if the subject matter wasn’t ocean animals - possibly 1000 Animals or 1000 Things in Nature? We have a few of the smaller ones, like 199 Things at the Beach, which don't seem to hold the same appeal.

Do you have any favorite picture reference books that hold your kids’ attention like this? What about for bigger kids? As Lilly bridges into the world of being a fluent reader, I wonder if she would like more text or if there is just something particularly charming about a picture book.  I know my opinion ;) but I’m curious to see what this transition looks like.

Here are a few of our favorites, along with some I'd like to add to our library, just in case you have a future marine biologist in your house too!  As we grow our library, you can also always find our favorites in our Grayceful Girls Book Club.

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