Inspired By: Balloons

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, I've been paying attention lately to things that inspire me.  I want to live the abundant life I've been gifted, instead of all-too-easily getting bogged down in the mundane.  There is so much beauty in the routines of everyday life, and so many ways to make the details special.  Anyway, I'm excited to start this new "Inspired By" series to share a few of the things that have set my creative wheels spinning lately!

This month, I accidentally went down an Instagram rabbit hole of professional balloon decorators - I don't even know what this niche is technically called, but I love it!  I've seen the beautiful and insane balloon garlands on Pinterest, and we do one up the staircase in our front room for almost every single party I host, but these installations are next level.  I just feel like party planning has come so far in the decade since I was planning sorority recruitment.  I doubt any of these artists are using puff paint - ha!

There is a lot of research that tells us that circles are visually pleasing, and repetition is calming, so I think it makes sense that a beautiful bunch of balloons is just breathtaking! 

It actually reminded me of how much I loved the balloon scene in Mary Poppins Returns, but I could (and probably will) write an entire post on that movie alone.  My Instagram feed is so happy now, and brings me so much joy every day!

source: Boutique Balloons Melbourne

I have a couple of friends having babies in 2020, and I'm hoping I can step up my balloon game for at least one shower this spring!  Plus, how great is the aftermath - especially if there is confetti??

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