Winter Pastels

Something happens to me every year in January - I start craving pastels!  Sugary sweet, not too bright, but definitely a solid dose of color.  I spent so much of the fall on team "camel and black", and my summer uniform is solidly navy and white, but in this pre-spring season, once I've cleared out all of the Christmas decorations, I start gravitating towards baby pink and lavender in particular, although this year I found myself buying a pair of bright yellow mules!  Honestly, I'm mostly only wearing Uggs or rainboots in real life- but they are so cheerful in my closet! Ha.  I blame it on the week of grey skies we've had, but I see the sun trying to peek through today, and I am here to greet it with my cotton candy closet!
1. Gal Meets Glam Camilla Dress - Julia can do no wrong, as far as I'm concerned, and this would be such a lovely, light look for work after the excess of December.
2.  Kate Spade Sylvia Wallet - I have this in yellow (theme of the day??), but I would love to add this bubblegum pink to my repertoire.  Is it weird that I just want a row of rainbow colored wallets lined up on a shelf? 
3.  J. Crew Flower Drop Earrings - such a fun color to contrast with all of the pink!
4.  Rachel Parcell Wrap Cardigan - I scored this on sale and used a Nordstrom Note, and I am so thrilled that I took the risk! It's a little more romantic than I typically dress, but it is lovely on and so warm and cozy.
5.  J. Crew Factory Mini Hearts Necklace - I couldn't resist sneaking a Valentine's Day piece in here.  Hearts are always a good idea!
6. J. Crew Factory Bias Midi Skirt - I've seen the leopard version on a million bloggers, and it's so flattering, but these pink polka dots are just too cute. It's in my cart, but I never wear skirts, so I'm trying to figure out how I could pull it off.
7.  Kate Spade Jeweled Phone Case - I ordered this for myself as part of my pink party with the cardigan and a wallet.  Most of all, I love that I can finally see my phone in my bag because it's light-colored!
8. J. Crew Floral Bandana Scarf - so this accidentally turned into a J. Crew roundup, but there is so much beautiful color in their new arrivals this week!
9. J. Crew Lodge Coat - not new, but it would match my new shoes perfectly, plus it's on sale! ;)
10. J. Crew Tortoise Hanging Hoop Earrings - see? I can't help myself.  These would look good with so. many. colors. or with something neutral to pop.
11. J. Crew Ruffle-Neck Sweater - I mean.  This sweater is so pretty, it's not even fair.  But, it has a wool-blend, which I think would make me super itchy, especially with the turtleneck. Someone please buy it so I can live vicariously through you, k?
12. Lele Sadoughi Bow Barrette - I think we can all agree that Lele has officially taken over the accessories world for 2020? I am absolutely here for it.  Anything that allows me to channel my inner Blair Waldorf is a win in my book.
13.  J. Crew Round Blue Light Glasses - I have been toying with getting some blue light glasses for a while, but I can't decide if I can pull these off for a while (or, really, if I even need blue light glasses LOL - I'm not on the computer all that much). Thoughts on the blue light phenomenon??
14.  Abound Amelya Mules - I found these on a Nordstrom Rack date with my shopping BFF and could NOT stop thinking about them.  I think this was the day I realized I needed to add some color back into my closet, because everything I picked up was yellow, pink, floral, or purple.  They didn't have my size, so I ended up ordering them.  Love!
15. J. Crew Pointelle Sweater -  This one is cotton, so I've been watching as sizes pop in and out of stock, and I might just do it!  It's so pretty, and would be great in spring when the temperatures warm up just a bit.
16. Kate Spade Polly Crossbody - I went back and forth over some kind of pastel blue crossbody, looking at Kate Spade and on ThredUp.  I ended up with a lovely ivory bag from Mark and Graham that is more of a tote (I'm actually obsessed with it - it's the perfect size!), but I think this is so pretty and would be a fun neutral with almost any outfit.

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