The Friday Five Vol. 2

Happy Friday everyone! I spent a few hours browsing dance costume catalogs this morning, and my mind is full of rainbow sparkles.  So much fun! I can't wait to make my final choices.
  1. Moulin Rouge! the Musical - Along with costumes, I am trying to narrow down song choices for my jazz classes and I can't stop listening to the original cast recording of this show.  There are so many fun, current songs mixed together and it's so, so good!  All I want to do is put my dancers in can-can skirts - ha!
  2. Bows by Lindsay Letters - I had no idea all that this family is going through with their precious daughter when Emily Ley shared the print in her stories, but I loved its color and spirit.  After reading more about sweet Eva, I am even happier to support their business and send prayers their way! It should be arriving this week, and I can't wait to shoot it along with the rest of the girls' bathroom/accessory station.

  3. J. Crew Spring Arrivals - I can't remember a time I was more excited for spring fashion.  Color! Pattern! Florals!  The trends have not been kind to me over the past 5 or so years (remember the good old days of bracelet stacks and sequin elbow patches??), so I am thrilled to see the colors I love back on the mass market.  The Liberty prints are just to die for, especially Margaret Annie and Wheat Bouquet.  And the gingham? Swooning.  I'm just so happy - I may buy it all to be honest. (Just kidding, honey, I would never do that ;)
  4. I shared earlier this week how much I love the Wizard of Oz, and then the very next day I found this version.  An embroidered cover? Byeeee.  I couldn't love it more.  It's not actually embroidered, but it is textured.  If you're looking for me this weekend, you can find me in the corner petting this book. (Just kidding.  We have a million things going on this weekend, but they're all great - I get to take my nephew to his Sweetheart Dance tonight, my niece's birthday party is tomorrow and she's getting a muscle shirt from us because she loves Hercules, and then a gender reveal party and a shopping date on Sunday!)
  5. I made a skirt!  I bought this blue and white striped remnant last year and have bee meaning to make a skirt out of it ever since, and I finally did!  Here is how I'm styling it for my fun Sunday:
Hope you have a great weekend!

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