The Friday Five Vol. 1

Happy Friday!  Here's a quick round-up of some things that have caught my eye this week.
  1. Gymboree is back!!!  Gymboree was a staple for my girls when they were toddlers, and then they closed, re-opened with a totally new (and terrible, in my opinion) vibe, closed again, and now they are back and it looks like the original! Matching animal characters, floral prints, bright colors - this is riiiight up our lane.  We are going to drive to the closest store this weekend so I can try some things on the girls in person - they are only going up through size 8 for now (Dear Gymboree, please please extend!!) and I want to see if L can squeeze into that for the summer. I remember them running small.  I have my eye on these Easter dresses - fingers crossed they fit!

  2. This bag from J. McLaughlin has me SWOONING! Can you tell I have spring on my mind? It has been sunny and 65 here all week and it's just lovely.  Every time I see a beautiful basket bag, it ends up being from J. McLaughlin, so this is going on the top of my birthday wish list.  Also loving this belt and these shoes.  Bring on all the color and print!
  3. The J. M. Byron House - hoping we can make a trip up here when we're in Connecticut this summer, because I am dying to see these galleries in person!  And maybe buy a portrait of a crusty old sea captain.  I just ordered a vintage brass whale to hold necklaces in M's room, and I can't wait for it to get here!
  4. This is the lamest thing ever, but I am reallllly loving Mrs. Meyers hand soap this week. Ha! We have had a stomach bug go through our house, and I have washed my hands approximately 734524 times.  Somehow they are not cracked and peeling at this point.  I use hand lotion at night, but that's about it, so kudos to the soap for not totally drying my hands out.
  5. My forever Valentine! This guy anchors all of my crazy schemes and is responsible for most of the manual labor in our projects - lol! Grateful for almost 10 years married to you, babe!

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