Grayceful Girls Bathroom Refresh

We have been in our house for about five years now, and we finally tackled the girls' bathroom upstairs.  You know what happens when you give a mouse a cookie? We had a bit of leftover flooring from our bathroom, so we put it into the girls' bathroom.

But of course, we didn't want to paint the vanity or the walls once we'd put the flooring in, so we had to do those pieces first - and while we were at it, we might as well rip out those shower doors that we'd been dying to do.

Around the same time, I realized that we needed to shake up our accessory storage - we had a giant wall of bows that I LOVED, but the girls couldn't really reach them for themselves, which wasn't working.

That then led to a bookcase swap-out in everyone's rooms along with a complete book reorganization... but we are about 90% of the way there!

I still need to pick knobs for the vanity and hang my Lindsay Letters print, but my beautiful brass whale hooks arrived this week and we were able to check "hanging M's necklaces" off of the remaining to-do list.  Well, except for filling the holes where the old one was. Why is fully finishing a project so hard?!

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