Grayceful Girls Birthday Adventures

I love to throw baby showers, and even first birthdays, but kids birthdays? They give me nightmares. We usually just host our Supper Club with a few additional family or friends, which takes the pressure way off.

Last year, M wanted a flower/mermaid/princess/unicorn/rainbow/flamingo theme - this year it's looking like Zombies/JoJo/Girl Scouts/Valentine's Day - so it's really a lot easier to keep it low key.  Although I do think it would be super fun to go hard on that...

Since we don't do a party per se, we have been trying to let the kids choose an "adventure" (or guide them into an adventure we thing they'd like - ha!) to celebrate and really talk that up so that they don't ask to invite their whole class over.  Last year, we went to Safari West to celebrate M and it was amazing! It was a perfect follow-up to all of those hours of Wild Kratts we've binged.

Then for L's birthday, we went to the Children's Creativity Museum in San Francisco.  It is SUCH a cool museum - our friend who recommended it warned us that we would run out of time and we absolutely did.  It seems small at first, but each activity facilitated such deep engagement.  Plus, there is a carousel - so, highly recommend.


Since April is rapidly approaching (what? how?), we are starting to plan for M's next adventure.  She has requested Disneyland, Harvard Natural History Museum, and Hawaii.  I did narrow down that she would like to touch a manta ray, though, so we may be able to find a reasonable compromise within driving distance. We love the Monterey Bay Aquarium, but we have been so many times that I'm not sure it would feel special.  Apparently SeaQuest does a whole thing where you can snorkel with the rays? I'm intrigued, but also feel like it could be an epic fail.  What do you think??

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