Spring Florals

I know, I know - groundbreaking.  But I thought it would be fun, instead of focusing on spring fashion, to look at florals for kids! Here is a round-up of the cutest floral toys and books I've found.  Hope it brings a little sunshine to your day!

  1. Florabelle - This book is so beautiful, and the story sounds delightful.  I'm thinking of putting it in Easter baskets this year.
  2. Gears! Gears! Gears! - I love Learning Resources; I think their toys are really great quality for being plastic, and they are always cute and smart.  This looks like such a fun version of a gear set!
  3. Mrs. Peanuckle's Flower Alphabet - Mrs. Peanuckle's books are drop-dead gorgeous, and she has a great sense of humor!  While it is a board book, I don't find that my girls are too old for them.  We also have her Tree Alphabet and Bug Alphabet, and there are also birds, fruit and vegetables that I'd like to add.
  4. Flowers -  I really like DK books for reference, and this one includes fun activities as well.
  5. The Wheatfield pencils - I couldn't make a floral roundup without including Katie Daisy.  Always gorgeous, and my girls always love new pencils!
  6. Haba wooden flower garden - This is so cute, and I wish that my girls hadn't outgrown this type of toy! I loved stuff like this when they were toddlers because it didn't make me crazy when they got left out and could double as display pieces that were safe for little hands on our built-ins.
  7. P'kolino multi-solution puzzle - This is also a bit young for us, but I love how the pieces can be mixed and matched to create different flowers.  When my girls were toddlers, they loved puzzles that gave them that creative freedom.
  8. Trees, Leaves, Flowers & Seeds - another great book from DK.  Anything with "visual encyclopedia" in the title is probably going to do it for me, but the girls love looking through these books, even if they don't read all of the detailed information.
  9. We Are the Gardeners - Who doesn't want a book by Joanna Gaines with a beautiful green linen binding?
  10. Felt Hair Bows - these are for babies, but I think they would be cute on big girls, too! We do love our hair accessories around here.
  11. Build-a-Bouquet - there are a million of these types of sets on Amazon, but I know and trust the quality of GreenToys.  Anything that can be mixed and matched and re-configured is always a hit, especially if you got a couple of sets and could mix in more pieces.
  12. Floral Clips - can't stop, won't stop with hair accessories!!
  13. The Secret Garden - I just re-read this in January for the Enchanted Book Club and loved it so much! This blue edition is absolutely gorgeous, but there are so many options out there like this, this, or this.

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