The Friday Five Vol. 4

  1. Vegas! It's WCC tournament time, and I'm off with my bestie and our dance team for the weekend.  Fun fact about me - I have a weird power-hungry streak that comes out when I get headset privileges for the games.  I live for this all year long.  Plus an all-access pass to be court-side and behind the scenes? Yes, please.  Also, I made us matching fanny packs.

  2. These.  Sandals.  Would I wear them? Who knows.  Am I going to order them anyway? Probably.  Unless you're Tommy.  Then, no honey, I definitely would never.
  3. The Bookshop on the Corner - I am working on a round-up of everything I'm currently reading, but I just finished this and absolutely loved it.  Does it have a bit of a predictable romance? Sure.  But it still convinced me that I'd like to move out of the city, up to Scotland, and open my own bookstore.  Not entirely sure that's feasible, but I'm all in.  I'm eager to read more by Jenny Colgan, but I have a bit of a pile to get through first.
  4. Perler Beads - I got the girls a bunch of little activities to open each day that I'm gone in hopes that they will be too distracted to miss me - lol! I think this one is going to be a big hit and I can't wait to see what they make!
  5. Julia Rothman Anatomy of...Books - How many reference books does one need in one's life? Asking for a friend.  It's just that these are so beautiful!!

    Hope you have a fabulous weekend - and if you happen to catch Pacific on ESPN2 and see a girl clutching her headset during a time-out, that might be me.

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