The Friday Five Vol. 6

Happy Friday!  I have been slammed this week helping the rest of our staff get set up to teach online and set up our own home-school routine.  Here are a few things keeping me sane(ish) this week.  This post brought to you by a second glass of wine ;)
  1. Hibiscus Linens Children's Projects - ok, so these are meant for kids, but I am loving them! It's super theraputic to watch someone stitch, and I'm picking up tips for myself about types of stitches, technique, etc.  Instagram is such a good place to escape right now.  Thank you to all of the creatives who are sharing your gifts with us right now!

  2. Emily Ley Teacher Planner -Speaking of sharing your gifts, the team at Simplified dropped their teacher planners to $10 and I am over the moon to have such a beautiful tool to plan our lessons while we are home.  I've been trying to figure out how to have an excuse to buy one since they released last summer, and now I'm trying to figure out why I might need one next year.  LOL.  I actually really like the arrangement by subject, since my brain has about a million channels open at any given time, so I may just make the leap.
  3. Foodie Crush Blackened Fish Tacos -We have been working on more gluten-free recipes for dinner lately, and hands down the only thing we've found that has actually felt like we are eating food that we want to eat are these fish tacos.  Go mix yourself some half Greek yogurt - half mayo sauce and thank me later.
  4. Loft Earrings - I've been doing a bit of therapy shopping lately and Loft has been doing free shipping, which excited me so much! I used to love Loft, but I hardly make it to real stores ever anymore, and I'm not one to pay for shipping, so I haven't gotten much from them lately, even though I think so much of what they release is super cute!  They've had free shipping and returns lately though, and I am stoked!
  5. Tiger King - Listen, internet, we need to be honest.  I am so deeply hooked and simultaneously disturbed, but I can't stop.  I can't say that I recommend it, but it also feels right for this time.  I'm not linking to it on Netflix, because you'll either find it for yourself or say "there is no way I am watching that" - and I respect that.  It's a lot.
PS. As a follow-up to this post, I have hot-rolled my hair almost every single day since they arrived, and I am still VERY hit or miss.  It's a work in progress.

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