The Friday Five Vol. 9

We're going to call this Friday Five the Book Club Edition, because we've been doing so much reading so far this summer, I'm debating just converting our house into a library.

  1. White Fragility - I am reading White Fragility with a group of other women, all of whom are virtual strangers, and it has been such a wonderful experience.  A couple of bloggers I admire shared that they were starting a reading group, and since this has been on my list for a long time, I jumped in for the accountability.  Sharing experiences with other women from all over the country in different life stages, with different backgrounds, but committing to a safe space and being vulnerable, has been more powerful than I expected.  It has been such an encouragement to see genuine commitment and desire to learn and grow, and to process what we are reading in community.
  2. Local Passport Family Global Children's Book Club - I'm not kidding, this is the summer of book clubs.  Preethi has put together an INCREDIBLE resource here with a virtual field trip to accompany each day's book.  Many of the books are being read aloud by the authors, but even if you can't find the book, the material in the virtual field trips is so rich - crafts, food, videos, and more.  We have really been having fun with this!
  3. Mathematical Mindsets - I'm so late to the Jo Boaler party as a math teacher, but I'm reading this with our outgoing department chair, and our department is going to take a YouCubed course together later this summer.  I am getting so excited about what our teaching will look like next year - there are so many resources out there right now as everyone works together to figure out how to do distance learning well, and while we have always been distance teachers, it's an awesome opportunity to push ourselves to the next level.
  4. Bike Shorts - Ok, so officially I bought these for teaching dance now that it's too hot for leggings, but I am very, very into them.  I got hot pink, black, and navy, but it looks like black and navy are sold out now.  H&M has some cheap black ones if you're looking to try the trend but aren't convinced yet, and Amazon has a bunch of colors in these (just make sure to get 8") with great reviews.  My wardrobe is growing increasingly frumpy as this quarantine continues, but really who gets dressed in the summer in the Central Valley anyway??
  5. Creative Girls Club - Janssen at Everyday Reading has recommended this a few times, and since L is ALWAYS looking for new craft projects, and coming up with new craft projects is not particularly in my gifting, we decided to try it.  The projects are so cute and pretty level-appropriate: M needed some assistance, but L was pretty much able to go once I got her set up.  It's a cute way to fill the summer!

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