The Friday Five Vol. 8

Whew! What a week.  I can see so, so much beauty beginning to rise from the ashes, and I've found myself ending the week feeling hopeful.  I'm exhausted, my brain is overwhelmed, and the workload feels insurmountable, but I'm also encouraged.  I really wanted to write more this week, but - life.  Maybe next week :)

For this week's Friday Five, I wanted to spotlight 5 black women I follow on Instagram and love.  That has been one of my favorite things to come from this week - seeing so many black-owned businesses highlighted and shared, and getting to continue to diversify to my own feed.  I can remember having a revelation about a year ago that although I have worked hard to diversify my real life experience, my feed of fashion and interior design bloggers was almost 100% white - and let me tell you, that was a humbling moment (as so many of us have been feeling this week!).  So having so much exposure to continue that work has been a gift!

  1. LaTasha Morrison / Be the Bridge - If you want to become anti-racist and aren't sure where to start or what that means, please start here.  LaTasha and her team have worked SO HARD for years to curate an amazing body of educational resources.  White friends, this organization is a straight gift to us - that so many black (and other BIPOC) brothers and sisters in Christ have given their time and expertise to educate us on what they don't have the luxury of not knowing. 95% of the time if I share a resource with someone or on the blog, it has come from them.
  2. Amber / Damask Love - It has been so much fun to watch Amber's career blow up over the years.  She is your daily dose of colorful fun, and you can also check out her new printable stationary/crafting/planner company at Yay Day Paper
  3. Charnaie / Here Wee Read - Charnaie says her mission is "helping you find diverse books, educational products, and raise curious kids" and that could not be more true.  She is my very first resource when I'm looking for new books. Oh, and her #bookface pictures are AMAZING!
  4. Ro / A Cup of Kims - I found Ro and her husband Han by stalking pictures of New England (we share an obsession with Newport, RI), and they are so crazy talented!  Their travel photography and storytelling are beautiful, and they share that along with seriously delicious daily coffee recipes.  I am confident their blog and IG are about to blow up!!
  5. Victoria / Prepford Wife - Someone shared Victoria's account this week and I literally squealed out loud when I clicked through.  Preppy. Doesn't. Have. To. Be. White.  I am so obsessed, her and her husband have the very cutest relationship, her style gives me all the heart eyes, and her heart just seems so kind.  I am so excited to follow and also incredibly disappointed I haven't found her sooner!

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