Grayceful Girls Book Club Gift Guide

So I *think* I am done shopping for the girls, with the exception of a few stocking stuffers, and I can't wait to share how we leaned in HARD on the cat thing for them this Christmas.  Today, though, I wanted to share a gift guide based on reading, adventures, and of course, picture biographies.

  1. Magazine Subscriptions - I am so excited to try Honest History and Bravery magazines - two BEAUTIFUL quarterlies celebrating figures and stories beyond our traditional history books. I love that you can pick a specific issue (I added RBG to our Bravery order and Into the Deep for Honest History) or set up an ongoing subscription for new issues as they come out.  Are these gifts for the girls or for me? Hard to say.

  2. Piccolina Kids Trailblazer Tees - I had so much fun picking a tee for each of the girls! L got Ada Lovelace because she’s been very into playing “math” with her Barbies lately (no actual math - they just complain a lot about all the math they have to do for their jobs…) and I figured she’d love the fancy dress.  I picked Jane Goodall for M, my little animal lover.  I wish they carried a Eugenie Clark tee (so excited to see her as the most recent feature in Bravery!), but my fingers are crossed for the future!

  3. Picture Biographies (from our favorite local bookstore) - I picked the Little People, Big Dreams biography of Jane Goodall, and a lovely book called Poet of Science about Ada Lovelace.  Do the girls tell me every day that we have too many books? Yes.  Do I care? Not a bit.  Maybe T will build me more book storage for Christmas...

  4. Kindle Kids - The girls are OBSESSED with my Kindle and have been begging for their own.  I think L will be pretty excited about how many chapter books she can fly through with an Amazon Kids+ subscription, and M is juuuust on the cusp of being a pretty fluent reader. I don’t really think she’ll be able to do much with it now, but she can easily grow into it, and it will still work in a year ;). We found them for a great price on Prime Day, but I'm sure they'll be on sale for Black Friday again.

  5. LEGO Friends National Geographic sets - we have a big tub of T’s old LEGOs, but a lot of them are part of sets, so we ordered a couple of LEGO Basics sets to beef up our basic pieces stock.  The National Geographic sets in the LEGO catalog caught the girls eye, though, so I added in this one and this one - they tie in so nicely with the Jane Goodall and Eugenie Clark books/magazines we have coming.

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