Home Sweet Home

Well, it's been a minute (year)! As the C-word stretched into its second year, I found myself feeling pretty defeated. Like so many others, we had put things on hold and held some expectations about being able to "return to normal" that certainly weren't met. The momentum that had carried me both personally and professionally through the first year of homeschooling and working full-time was gone, and I was drained in the wake of so much productivity. On top of that, we had been carrying this dream of moving to New England since 2018, and even though we started making tangible steps toward making it happen, it continued to feel farther and farther away.  All of that to say - I spent most of the past year in a funk, with absolutely no inspiration to do anything creative. 

Thankfully, we have finally made the giant leap to move all the way across the country, and are enjoying the heck out of those dreams coming true. This move has been on my heart since Halloween 2018, and as crazy or as silly as it has felt, my girlfriends consistently remind me that the Lord doesn't plant a dream for no reason. There has not been one second that we have regretted this choice; we miss our California people dearly, but it feels so right here. I don't think a day has gone by that the beauty surrounding us has not taken my breath away. I'm sure I'll have so much more to say and show about our new home itself, but summer here is absolutely nourishing our souls right now.

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