The Friday Five Vol. 12

 The Friday Five is baaaaaack!!!

1. Get Your House Right: This book was recommended on the How to Decorate podcast, and I immediately ordered it. It's VERY detailed, but full of practical information about preserving or recreating authentic-feeling details. It's a little over my head, but I like a bossy preservation book. Restoring Your Historic House is another staple of our library.

2. Listen, this might be a little niche, but these cat art magnets have been a hit. I thought I was ordering them to set up a magnet board in our kitchen for our summer reading logs, but it turns out they've all been claimed by the children for their rooms. I can't blame them, and I might order myself another set.

3. Digging Up Danger: This book has been the surprise hit of our summer! I ordered a few different workbooks from a Brightly recommendation (SUCH a good blog - I subscribe to their newsletter and print out book lists all the time for reference). It was honestly the one I was least excited about, but we have LOVED it. The first part of the book is an actual book, but the back is a mystery writing guide. The story is chunked to direct you to the writing workshop (ie working on setting after reading the first chapter, which has a great description of the setting), and it is just so well done. The scaffolding of the process reminds me a lot of the writing workshop curriculum we used over the past two years, and my girls are having a ball coming up with their own stories. I highly recommend combining it with this playlist for inspiration.

4. I think I need to write a whole post about this, but we got Lilly a microwave flower press for her birthday, and it has been so much fun! The microwave, combined with these drying crystals, means that we can do this activity in a couple of days instead of weeks. Our flower beds have been bonkers lately, so it was perfect timing to grab all kinds of shapes and colors.

5. We had our first beach day a couple of weeks ago, and I foolishly thought I could get away with a rash guard and tennis skirt, since I didn't feel like doing a whole swimsuit thing (and tbh I couldn't find any swim bottoms), but I definitely ended up soaked. It was fine, since the tennis skirt dried pretty quickly, but I realized that I loved the actual ease of not needing a coverup, so I ordered this cute swim skirt from Lands End to match my rash guard, and I love it! I wasn't sure if it would be too matronly, but it definitely leans coastal gran over pure granny ;) Land's End is my favorite place to get swimsuits for the girls, including swim skirts and swim shorts, and by far has the best rash guard choices for women!

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