The Friday Five Vol. 13

Whoops - a little late getting this up today, but I took our two older cats to the vet this morning and that put me in the bed for a good few hours afterwards! And we spent most of this week here (PS how cool is it that we just randomly see submarines going in and out?!)

Anyway, here are five awesome things I'm loving this week:

1. Portrait of a Thief - I told T that it's giving Ocean's 11 meets Crazy Rich Asians. I'm so excited that Netflix has already picked it up, because it's going to be a FANTASTIC movie. When our local bookstore described it as "an art heist with themes of anti-colonialism" I swooned, and it has not let me down. I've been hooked since page 1 and have gotten about 3/4 of the way through in 2 days. Planning on a late night reading session tonight to see if I can finish it!

2. Ina - I am SO LATE TO THIS PARTY, but oh man, she's good. Truly the original Coastal Gran. I just ordered a bunch of her old cookbooks and watching old Barefoot Contessa episodes, and it might be the kickstart I need to start cooking again this fall. Not this summer, obviously, but I have high hopes for Future Mindy.

3. Mano's Wine - my dad sent me a customized bottle of wine to celebrate finishing my Master's and I thought it was such a fun idea! The bottle is beautiful, and it will be such a special way to celebrate.

4. Professor Astro Cat - it's pretty rare that there is a beautiful series of non-fiction picture books that I don't know about, especially when there is a cat involved. Somehow, though, in the past couple years of middle-grade reads, this one didn't make it onto my radar until I saw it at the library. I had to scoop up the Deep Sea Voyage, and it will be hard to resist the rest. Honestly, I probably won't bother trying to resist ;) I know picture books are such a big thing when you've got littles, but my big girl readers still reach for picture books, especially if I pull out some that we haven't looked at for a while and just casually leave them on the table. They're also so great for reference, and a lot of them are written at a surprisingly high reading level (Deep Sea Voyage has a Lexile score of 1040, which is about 6th grade).

5. PictureThis App - this app has been super helpful trying to identify all of the crazy plants/weeds in our yard! It's so cool that you can just swipe up on an iPhone picture now to do an image search, but this gives a ton of thorough detail about the plant and its care, and allows you to save plants to your garden. I think I've barely scratched the surface on it; right now I'm just using it to identify things!

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