What I Just Ordered From Usborne

I have no idea if anyone is interested in this, but I know that I love seeing what others have ordered recently! I'm not a huge MLM fan in general, but I have loved Usborne books since the girls were little, and I love that they mostly do Facebook parties, so no need to actually attend anything ;)

1. The Usborne Writing Box: Listen, I'd review the three books in here for you, but they immediately disappeared into Madeline's room. From what I glimpsed, they looked great. I was trying to find a story ideas journal that I had seen at our local bookstore and regrettably passed up - this isn't quite that, but looks full of brainstorming ideas and writing tips. Both girls have been so into writing stories for the past year or two, and our mystery writing definitely has their creative juices flowing, so I'm snapping up any resources I can find to support that!

2. Write Your Own Story Word Book: This looked like a great addition to our writing resources - it's like a thesaurus but way more fun!

3. How to Make a Book: Since their Grandma Marion recently published a children's book, I thought this book would be a fun  peek behind the scenes at that process. We have a lot of self-published (handwritten in a notebook) books by the girls on our shelves, but I'd love to have them go through the actual publishing process (probably through an app like BookCreator or Shutterfly) to have a  *professional*-looking book of their own.

4. 100 Things to Know About Science: This is one of our favorite non-fiction series. We have 100 Things to Know About the Ocean, Planet Earth, and Saving the Planet, and I'd love to get Numbers, Computers and Coding now that they have some understanding from CodeSpark and Scratch.

5. New Girl: We LOVED the Ella Diaries (and Olivia's Secret Scribbles) series, so this is cute that Ella is a bit more grown-up, and it seems to fit in well with our *Summer of Mystery*

6. Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow: Another mystery series to try, that seems to have some Mysterious Benedict Society vibes. Also, if you haven't watched Mysterious Benedict Society, do it immediately! We love the books, but they are pretty long, and the show is absolutely delightful. The interpretation of the books is fantastic, and the 70s colors and vibes are so good.

7. Hapless Hero Henrie: Our Usborne consultant recommended this when I told her we were into middle grade mysteries, so I'm excited to try it!

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