The Friday Five Vol. 15

This week has flown by in a haze of errands, deliveries (we finally have a couch!!) and doctor appointments (just all the annual stuff), and my brain is tired from all of the logistics. The heat broke, the sun is out, and I'm ready to pour a Jack and Coke and start taping so that we can finally paint our built-ins this weekend. 

Do you know what that means?? That means I can actually put books on shelves and break down about 37 boxes this coming week!!!!!!!!! Anyway, here are a few things that I'm loving this week. I almost said, not a book in sight which might be a miracle...but then I realized #1 is, in fact, a book. 
  1. ESV Women's Study Bible: I am so excited to head back to BSF this fall; it's consistently been my favorite way to study God's Word, and I've really wanted a study bible with a concordance for a while. We randomly stumbled across a Books-a-Million this week (delightful surprise!) and they had a huge selection of Bibles, which was great because it's so nice to actually be able to flip through and see the resources instead of trying to flip through online images (why are online Bible images so bad by the way?). I love the format of this one, and Trillia Newbell's name on the cover was enough to convince me.
  2. This is such a good lampshade! I've noticed as I gravitate more towards traditional style for this house that my drum lampshades look a little out of place - this is a perfectly proportioned empire shade at a great price if you're looking to update. I actually bought them to cover them with pleated fabric for our new thrifted floor lamps, but they're so pretty that I'm not sure that I will now!
  3. Target was a real winner this week - I also ordered these woven baskets for shoe bins in our new mudroom bench (I will photograph it as soon as we paint it ;). I like that they look a little more substantial than a lot of the woven cubes do, and the two different styles of weaving make them super interesting.
  4. This sports bra has great support and I think the neckline is super flattering! I don't usually do just a crop top/sports bra with leggings, but if you do, this is a cute one! I have the navy and a turquoise that's no longer in stock, but I love the Bluefield color. 
  5. Listen. I can't say that these clogs won't make me look like a geriatric nurse, but these were on a super great sale on Zappos and I wanted to try something that would work with my longer bootcut jeans that wouldn't look quite as boot-y. These are insanely comfortable, so even if they look goofy, I'm not sure that I care!

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