The Sweetest Back-to-School Books

I love back-to-school time! It feels like such a fresh start, and a great time to remind the kiddos in your life about the power of kindness and compassion. Even though some of these center the classroom, I think they’re great reads for home to set the tone, and can be the perfect first-day gift for your kiddo’s teacher along with a basket filled with his or her wishlist items ;)

For the Kids

  1. School’s First Day of School: I love everything Christian Robinson does, but I think this one is my favorite of all. It’s such a precious story of the first day of school, told from the perspective of the school building.

  2. All Are Welcome

  3. Our Class Is A Family

  4. The Day You Begin: This one is powerful to validate all the feelings that come along with starting something new.

  5. The Berenstain Bears Go To School

  6. You’re Always Enough

  7. How To Read a Book

  8. You Matter: A message every kid (and adult) should hear.

  9. The Name Jar: Names are so important, and can be such a complex piece of a child’s identity. If your name is one that was generally pretty easy for your teachers to pronounce, this is a beautiful glimpse into an experience that so many kids have.

  10. King of Kindergarten

  11. Queen of Kindergarten

  12. A Letter From Your Teacher

  13. Chrysanthemum

  14. Kind-ergarten

  15. A Tiger Tail

For the grown-ups

You didn’t think I was going to leave the grown-ups out, did you? We might not be stepping into the halls of our kids’ schools daily, but we are certainly part of that community. Exploring the dynamics at play that we might not immediately be aware of is an important way to engage in that community in a loving way and help our kids to do so as well. 

  1. Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria?

  2. Start With Hello - Shannan is one of my absolute favorite teachers in the neighboring space, and I’m so excited to read her newest book.

  3. How to Raise an Antiracist

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