10 Christmas Books We Love (and 10 more for our wish list)

I love pulling out seasonal books each year - it's so fun to remember what's there after they'e been packed away for so long!  Many of these are from my childhood, which brings a little extra dose of nostalgia.  I am all for gutting the clutter, but I will always advocate for saving books.  (And buying books - ha!)

  1. Santa Mouse - I just love this charming little character.  We actually have a Treasury of Santa Mouse with three stories, and it’s one of my favorite things to read each year. The writing is fun to read out loud, the illustrations are darling, and the story is sweet.  We’ve turned it into a little tradition to leave cheese out along with some cookies for Santa and Santa Mouse.

  2. Berenstain Bears Meet Santa Bear - I love the OG Berenstain Bears books; they just feel so spot on to me for our family dynamic.

  3. All the Colors of Christmas - We always like to pick a favorite book to give to all of our “cousin” families along with a pan of homemade cinnamon rolls, and this is our choice for this year! Matthew Paul Turner has written some of our very favorite books, and this one does not disappoint.

  4. The Nutcracker in Harlem - I wrote a whole post last year on my love for Nutcracker books, but I love this one so much I couldn’t leave it off the list.  It’s gorgeous, and I love listening to the Harlem Nutcracker as a variation of my daily Tchaikovsky.

  5. Tallulah’s Nutcracker - Same, same: I just couldn’t leave this one out. Tallulah is such a sweet little character.

  6. Claris: Holiday Heist - Megan Hess’s gorgeous fashion illustrations are gorgeous, and I’m so glad we have a new Claris to add to our collection!  The girls lost their minds when I told them the giant bow on Cartier was a real decoration.

  7. Mr. Willowby’s Christmas Tree - I love the perspective shift that comes along with the shrinking tree!

  8. The Christmas Promise - We chose this one for family gifts last year or the year before; a gorgeous and truthful telling of the Christmas story that feels genuine.

  9. The Polar Bear Who Saved Christmas - I’m a sucker for the colors and fun text of anything produced by Make Believe Ideas, and this story about a lost baby polar bear is too sweet!

  10. The Autobiography of Santa Claus - Not a picture book (I know, I’m shocked too), but a fun weaving of history and legend that grown-ups and older kids will enjoy.  We are reading this aloud at lunchtime and my girls are very into it, but we may not finish by Christmas; it’s pretty long.

I think our book box has plenty of space left, don’t you?  Here are a few more that are on my wish list:

  1. Walk This World at Christmastime

  2. Here Comes Santa Cat

  3. Silent Night

  4. Pick a Pine Tree

  5. Dasher

  6. Red and Lulu

  7. Noel Streatfeild’s Christmas Stories

  8. Mistletoe

  9. How Winston Delivered Christmas

  10. When Santa Was a Baby

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